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Josh Dallas Autograph Contest:

It’s finally here! Your chance to win a personally signed autographed photo of Josh Dallas!  Josh personally signed each one in front of me while he was in New York City on April 12, 2013 so authenticity is guaranteed! With only 6 photos to give away, I felt it would be fun to show off your talent in different categories. Make sure you read through all the categories below and enter the one that best fits your talent. Remember, all entries should focus on Josh Dallas and could reflect any part of his career but #CharmAttack needs to be incorporated into the piece in some way. Next to each category are the entry dates for that specific category. Once voting ends, a panel of 4 Josh Dallas devotees will vote on all entries received. The top 2 entries in each category will win a signed Josh Dallas photo! Here are the categories.

1)    Josh Dallas Fan ArtThis category will cover all forms of art on paper. This can include, but not limited to, drawings, scrapbooking, photograph collages, art, mosaics, and more. The submissions must be sent from June 10 – 23

2)    Josh Dallas WritingThis category may include an original creation of Fan Fic that could focus on Charming/Snow, or other OUAT characters. Also included, poems, essays on what Josh Dallas means to you, or perhaps a good deed you have done in the name of Josh. Be creative in your writing and send entries from June 24- July 7.

3)    Josh Dallas VideosThis category will focus on creation of a video of Josh/Charming and other characters from OUAT perhaps with a song backing the video. Please consider it being more than just stills in the video, since that should be covered in Category 1.  The video entries will be accepted from July 8 – July 21.

The most important thing is be creative and remember that #CharmAttack and Josh should figure prominently in each entry. If there is any confusion in regards to any category please tweet me @AnthonyHolic. All entries should be sent to including any links to videos that may be uploaded.  Good luck and we look forward to all these great entries!

Week three and four, Videos:

Week two, Writing:

Week One, Fan Art:

Entry #19

Alyssa Chirico

Entry #18


Entry #17

Shelby N

Entry #16

Brooke Blakely

Entry #15

Ariana Restrepo

Entry #14:

Francesca Fanizza

Entry #13

Entry #12

Kate Richardson

Entry #11

Keren F

Entry #10

Achlee Blackwelder

Entry #09


Entry #08

Wendy Pham

Entry #07

Alyson Weiss

Entry #06

Stephanie DeLaat

Entry #05


Entry #04


Entry #03

Nicole Prieto

Entry #02

Rachel Tieman

Entry #01

Andi Fazeka